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Esta página reúne todas as publicações Doing Business disponíveis até o momento nos países em que a Mazars está presente.
Estas publicações têm por objectivo apresentar a Mazars a investidores que pretendam realizar negócios no exterior.

Make a French Start: A practical guide to investing in France

Make a French Start : guides pratiques pour investir en France
Mazars and Business France combined their expertise to help foreign investors and entrepreneurs who want to settle in France. Mazars has created four practical guides that we hope will provide you with valuable insight to launch and grow your business in France: The French Tax System, Available Support and Grants, Social Law and Good Practices to Set Up.


Doing Business in the Netherlands

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Ever thought of doing business in the Netherlands? And about what this country has to offer you? Next to the opportunities, you need to think about the challenges before setting up business activities. The Dutch fiscal climate can affect your business positively, but can also have a negative impact, when not taking the right steps. Your activities will be successful only if you and your company are familiar with the Netherlands and the principal rules and regulations. Mazars’ accountants and tax advisers will help you and act as your personal guide.


Guide to Doing Business in Asia Pacific 2017-2018

LR Doing Business in APAC
Mazars' Doing Business in Asia Pacific is a practical guide for businesses who have invested or are looking to invest in the region.


Business and Taxation Guide to Poland

This page gathers all the Doing Business Guides available so far in all Mazars countries. These publications aim at presenting Mazars to investors wishing to do business overseas.


Doing Business in Hungary 2017

Doing Business in Hungary 2017 medium
The Hungarian office of Mazars presents its latest publication Doing Business in Hungary 2017, in English, which helps foreign investors to start their own business in our country.


Doing Business in China 2017

Doing Business in China 1086x202
"Doing Business in China" is a document designed to facilitate the exploring and research of business opportunities for individuals who wish to invest or start a business in the China.


Doing Business in Germany 2017

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Germany is a highly developed industrial nation and has, for many years, been very attractive for investors. The country of- fers a variety of opportunities to start business all over Europe. With the dynamic environment of a powerful economy, Germany is an ideal location from which to access the European market.


Doing Business in Hong Kong 2017

As a leading global finance center and a historically open economy, it’s worth remembering that Hong Kong has been a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) since 1997. But Hong Kong enjoys great autonomy from the mainland, and the city has retained its reputation for ease of doing business and free trade. It frequently attracts the attention of foreign investors looking for a foothold in the Asian market.

As an important banking and financial center in the Asia pacific region, Hong Kong Stock Exchange ranks the fourth in Asia and the eighth in the world in terms of market capitalization. In 2016, Hong Kong again raised more IPO funds than any other stock market worldwide.


Setting up in France: a practical guide

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This practical 2017 guide explains the main legal, accounting, payroll and taxation regulations for companies considering to do business in France. It has been prepared especially for international groups who would like to invest in France, where more than 20,000 foreign companies are already established, running businesses under many different legal forms.


Doing Business in Thailand

DIB 2017-2018 Banner_1
The Mazars Thailand’s Doing Business in Thailand guide provides a thorough and insightful overview for those who are interested in investing in Thailand.

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