Doing Business in Scandinavia 2015 2016

Anybody who purchases Auditing, Advisory, Tax and Accounting services is looking for something specialized. Many clients consider Scandinavia as one region and we can offer you a Scandinavian solution. In Scandinavia, we share history and culture and we also communicate in our native languages across borders.

We provide our clients with coherent and tailored solutions delivered by a partner who is committed and understands your business needs.

Our three countries build a strong team by having mutual understanding, pooling knowledge and personnel bonds. Long term business and personal relationships are very important for us.

With a total workforce of 300 employees and with offices in 14 locations, we have the capacity to handle large operations all over Scandinavia and further afield.

In Sweden, we have premises in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, and in several other cities in southern Sweden. In Denmark, we operate from our office in Copenhagen and in Norway from our office in Oslo.